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You can stand out with mobile billboard advertising! Mobile billboard trucks are a great way to get in front of people. Whether you want to target a specific neighborhood or the entire valley, mobile billboard trucks are the most cost-effective way to advertise.

Our trucks will reach consumers white they shop, eat, work and play across the valley. Mobile Media's local clients include home builders, car dealerships, restaurants, political campaigns, event promoters and neighborhood casinos, and businesses.

Special Event Marketing

Product Launches
Spectator Events
Political and Public Interest Campaigns
Bankruptcy and Liquidation Sales
Employee Recruiting
Grand Openings
Corporate Event Sponsorships


Outdoor Advertising Trends for 2019

The advertising industry is constantly evolving. It is critical to make your business' name known to potential customers. The most cost effective ways of doing it is with outdoor mobile advertising.

Today’s out of home medium offers new technologies, new formats, and more creative thinking to help advertisers and their agencies take their message further. The industry has embraced innovation in all parts of the business to keep pace with where advertising and the consumer are headed.

The OOH industry is introducing new digital technologies and convergence, new lighting and materials, more innovative business practices, and a new audience ratings system.

OOH reaches consumers no matter what their media consumption habits are. It goes where most other media can’t go to surround and immerse consumers out of home, where they spend 70 percent of their waking hours.

OOH’s versatile formats offer ‘blank canvas’ creative potential to break through the clutter and hold people’s attention, wherever they work, shop, travel, and play.

OOH is highly adaptable, offering virtually unlimited potential. It can be:

  • Anything: From billboards to digital boards, from bus wraps to kiosks
  • Anywhere: From highways to city streets, from airports to shopping malls
  • Anytime: From morning ‘til night with dynamic content and always on displays that grab people’s attention when they’re on the go

Have you ever stopped to think how powerful billboard ads are?

Think about the companies that advertise on billboards. The majority of them are major companies with millions of advertising dollars to spend each year. There is no doubt this powerful advertising medium is one of the best. Now consider the power of a billboard, not one you drive by, but one that DRIVES BY YOU! Your advertisement will penetrate the minds of commuters, pedestrians and large crowds as they are captivated by the moving message that stands before them. And it is three messages not just one!

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