Media Kit

File Size 218.5" Width x 92" Height; 72 dpi (side of truck)
If you are submitting two unique signs [one for each side of the truck], please submit as two separate files.
Keep all live artwork within a 3" border.
Final document[s] must be 72 dpi at full size [218.5" x 92"], converted to Photoshop JPG, CMYK, but please include native files in which artwork was originally created.

Acceptable Native Files:
Illustrator EPS [all text create paths, but also include all fonts and graphic links – do not embed graphics]
Photoshop PSD layered file [include all fonts]
If you are using any vector or raster images [photographs, scans, etc.] convert to CYMK and color correct.
Be sure all are Hi Res at 300 dpi.
For Illustrator documents, be sure to convert all text to outlines, but also include all fonts.
Include all linked files with artwork along with a color proof.

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