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At Mobile Media, we deliver high-impact, eye-catching mobile advertising opportunities to companies that understand the importance of hitting a moving target. We work with businesses of all sizes to break through the media clutter and achieve their marketing goals.

Mobile billboards are a perfect medium for target marketing. Essentially billboards on wheels, they can be driven directly to your audience at events and hard to reach locations. By putting your message on wheels you can also have access to areas where traditional outdoor advertising is zoned out. Two-sided and illuminated at night, they provide an excellent read on busy streets.


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Advantage Over The Rest

What is more affordable than print advertising, more memorable than a billboard, and reaches more people than broadcast television?

The biggest question on most business owner's minds today is: how can I reach one of the most captive, affluent audiences where they spend the majority of their time? the answer is Mobile Media.

In fact, according to Simmons Market Research, one mobile billboard truck can deliver up to 150,000 impressions per hour. Alost every advertising study ranks Mobile Media as the most cost effective and influential medium today.

Why Choose Mobile Media?

  1. No installation fees
  2. No storage fees
  3. No additional fees for holiday campaigns
  4. No additional fees for late-night campaigns
  5. Free flyer distribution
  6. Our drivers will wear your logo gear (hat, shirts etc.) at no additional fee
  7. No long-term commitment required


Visibility & Impact
Your mobile billboard ad can be seen from up to half a mile

Precision Targeting
You choose the routes you want covered and the customers you want targeted.Then we drive your mobile billboard ad 8 hours per day to these targeted areas.

Your message can be changed easily and quickly at  minimal cost.

Cost Efficient
Compare Mobile Billboard Advertising costs to other advertising mediums and you'll notice that mobile billboard have the lowest CPM [cost per thousand impressions].

Uses For Mobile Billboard Trucks

  • New Product Launch
  • Special Events
  • Conventions
  • Web Site Awareness
  • Grand Openings
  • Sporting Events
  • College Events
  • Retail Promotions
  • Trade Shows
  • Political Campaigns
  • Corporate Branding
  • Public Announcements

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