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From Coca-Cola to GreenPoint Bank, the companies change but the story remains the same: mobile media works in cities like Las Vegas with a high traffic volume, highly visible messages, and the ability to target specific areas.

We take it a step further at Mobile Media by providing the most effective advertising with a level of customer service that is second to none. But you don't have to take our word for it. Our clients already know.

"Mobile Media helped us increase our market share by effectively reaching a segment of the population that cannot be reached by any other media."  -- Michael Mack, Las Vegas Events

"With 97 percent of commuters remembering our message on a mobile billboard, it was one of the easiest advertising decisions we ever made." -- Don Hamrick, Centennial Toyota

"During a very heated primary, mobile media provided another opportunity to effectively reach voters with a message while they were en route to the polls." -- Richard Becker, campaign strategist for Bob Beers, Senate 6

"There is no better medium to promote a business that relies on drive-in traffic as part of their sales. On more than one occasion, a mobile billboard successfully converted a buyer who was planning to shop at a competitor’s location."

-- John Saksa, Findlay Cadillac

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